Only in Her Dreams by Christina McKnight

2 stars

Note I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


A mysterious man has haunted Lucessa Sarcona’s dreams for the last twenty-two years.  One day when quite literally the man of her dreams appears before her claiming she is not only part of but in the middle of a war between gods Lucessa’s life is once again turned upside down.  Now with the help of her mystery man she has to discover her past before her human realm is run over by evil.


Right away this book was very reminiscent of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dream Hunter series.  I found the premise intriguing but once again was disappointed with execution.  The chapters are extremely short and choppy with random bits of information thrown in places.


As far in as chapter eight I was still wondering why Lucessa was special and why the Dark One wanted her in the first place.  Random events happen and things are revealed late in the game that just make all of the other mysterious events happily fall into place.


Lucessa is a strong willed and caring character.  I did like her and her attitude towards everything, she took everything in stride and that part came off believable.  Maxim on the other hand is a different story.  He was watching Lucessa in her dreams for twenty two years and on one hand he knew how to drive and some slang terms like ‘the guy was six feet under’ yet in other instances it was more than apparent he was not a part of the world and didn’t know what was going on around him.  Also, on one hand he seemed to know everything about her and then in the next moment it switches to Maxim not knowing her at all.  The bonding relationship between Lucessa and Maxim did not ring true and their connection seemed fake. 


There were also parts thrown in that were really random.  The Greek Gods just happen to make an appearance for less than a page during chapter eleven.  They seemed disconnected from the story but in actuality they were what caused everything in the first place.


~ by wolfangel87 on October 12, 2012.

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