Response to Percy about College

All through growing up I always had an idea of what college would be like.  Mainly the idea was formed by what I had seen in movies and heard about on TV.  Unfortunately, neither of my parents were able to discover first hand what a four-year college was like, or being able to live on campus and have the “college experience.”  I was also given a mental picturing of what college was suppose to be like from my friends’ older siblings or even their own parents talking about what it was like.

In Percy’s essay “The Loss of the Creature,” He describes the pre-fabrication of the Grand Canyon to visitors and them never being able to achieve the beauty of the first person that had seen the canyon.  They always had some pre-knowledge of what they were suppose to see.  As in that idea, I had pre-expectations of what I was going to find and get out of college.  The lifestyle of campus was suppose to be a certain way, the teachers were suppose to act a certain way, and just life in general was suppose to adhere to a certain perception of what I had seen.

From experiencing college even for just one week I have been able to see that my first thoughts of what I had expected were wrong.  From what I had seen on TV about college life I had expected the teachers to act similarly to the teachers in high school, impersonal and focused only on getting the class and material out to the students.  At least in the four classes I have experienced so far I have found the teachers to be highly engaged in the student’s success and wellbeing.  The teachers’ care if the students fail or succeed, it matters to them.  Also, they are not teaching just for the paycheck, they are teaching because they want to and enjoy it.

Coming into college, I also had a sort of “fear” of dormitory life.  Being that neither one of my parents or immediate family had ever been to college I had nothing to go off of except the perceptions I got from movies.  I have thus far found that I enjoy having the closeness to multiple kinds of people and the challenges of living with people of all different cultures.  Growing up I have always had my own personal space, in living with someone you do not even know, I thought I was going to have a hard time with that.  Surprisingly I have found I have adjusted easily to sharing the space we have and also the bathrooms with multiply people.  Dormitory life has not been as bad as I first thought it was going to be.


~ by wolfangel87 on December 3, 2010.

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