Text Messaging Affecting Youth

The issues concerning how text messaging is affecting the writing and general attitudes of youth in today’s world and the implications that it might have to the future emphasize a changing world in which everyone is living in.  With the advancement of technology the way it affects society changes.  There are pros and cons to every situation and text messaging is certainly no exception.

In a way it is easier for people to communicate with each other however the draw back is that people do not communicate face to face as much anymore since technology has adapted for people not to have to.  Although as Emily Davies puts it, “there’s not less face-to-face communication today, there is just more communication in general.  It hasn’t replaced anything, it’s just been added.”[1] In a way it is a good thing for people over long distances to be able to communicate effectively with one another without having to be in the same vicinity as them.  The simplicity of the device gives a wider range of people the ability to get to know one another and exchange their own life experiences with each other and it seems to open the general populace to more things that they might not otherwise have been able to experience such as different cultures and attitudes towards how they perceive life.

Since the ability to communicate through text messaging has become so widely spread among the technologically advanced civilizations of the world more people are taking advantage of it.  Text messaging has become a social norm in the lives of youth, “What you’re seeing is evolutionary shifts, but the idea of instant messaging is locked in a societal norm. [The youth culture of today] see it as very ordinary, necessary, just an average way of conducting themselves. How this has happened is the big question.”[2] Since they have now grown up with the technology it is only normal for them to use it.  They have no idea how not to use the technology because they have not had to live in a world where it was not available to them.  The technology has adapted itself into part of everyday life.

Text messaging is an easy way to avoid confrontation with other people.  And with the limited expression a generally 160-space message may have it is quite easy to confuse the meaning of what the person was trying to convey.  The fast and easy way to communicate seems to be separating people as much as it is bringing them together.  The simple things that should be communicated to a person directly like relationships even go so far as proposing over a text message has become almost ridiculous in its frequency.  There are way to many reasons why text message communication could harm a relationship rather than help it because it can be misconstrued so easily.

This technology is also affecting the ability of the world’s youth writing skills and general speech abilities.  The English language is being diminished even more so that it already was; “some teachers see the creeping abbreviations as part of a continuing assault of technology on formal written English.”[3] With limited text messaging space communication is simplified using mass abbreviations.  This has already become a problem with people abbreviating documents even as important as a resume not to mention in general school related writing.  Students lack of attention to proper grammar transfers to their writing, “when students use IM frequently, they reach a saturation point where they no longer notice the IM lingo because they are so used to seeing it.”[4] This has become a problem in everyday usage because the grammar level of students has declined dramatically.  Students are no more able to distinguish what is right in speech than what would be wrong with it.  Most students find it hard to use correct grammar, “One concern about IM has to do with the “bastardization” of language. Several articles indicate that students who use messaging on a frequent basis often use bad grammar, poor punctuation, and improper abbreviations in academic writing.”[5] This will be extremely bad if the use of bad language and grammar were transferred into the professional field.

Overall all the negative consequences seem to be more pertinent for the present but with new technological developments happening all the time these problems might be eradicated in the future.  Personally it does not seem like something we should be overly concerned about for the moment because there are a great deal more pressing problems the world as a whole has to deal with and this type of technology is making it easier to communicate those problems.

[1] Davies, Emily. “The message of a new generation Today’s communication norms have been infiltrated by text messaging’s shorthand lexicon.” The Journal Queen’s University. 22 Jan. 2008. 8 Nov. 2008 <http://www.queensjournal.ca/story/2008-01-22/postscript/message-new-generation/&gt;.

[2] Davies, Emily.

[3] Lee, J. (2002, September 19). I Think, Therefore IM. New York Times, p.G.1.

[4] O’Connor, Amanda. “Instant Messaging: Friend or Foe of Student Writing?” New Horizons for Learning. Mar. 2005. 8 Nov. 2008 <http://www.newhorizons.org/strategies/literacy/oconnor.htm&gt;.

[5] O’Connor, Amanda.


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